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Impact Measurement

Measuring the impact of library work is a challenge. Traditionally, we have used informal feedback from library patrons and attendance numbers to develop our programs and services and to course-correct.


Last year, we joined hundreds of other public libraries across the country in the Public Library Association’s Project Outcome. In January 2018, we began administering surveys to program participants in selected programs at the library. Over time, this will help our librarians measure the outcomes of programs and services and the impact they have on patrons. The results are intended to show a direction of change, not rigorous statistical proof of change. To learn more about Project Outcome, visit


Here are some of our reports from Project Outcome surveys of our patrons.


Education/Lifelong Learning Programs

Teen Workshops July-August 2018

Adult Book an Expert Sessions January-August 2018

Children’s For Mar Nature Center Library Programs July-August 2018


Digital Learning Programs

Teen Tech Camps July-August 2018