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The Library relies on property tax revenues for the vast majority of our budget. We provide a good Library and core services with those dollars. But we want to be a GREAT Library! That’s where members of the Lifelong Learning Circle come in.

We do our absolute best to provide as much of what the community needs as we can, while living within our financial means. Generous donors help us expand our programs and increase our reach into the community. In particular, we focus these dollars on innovative early childhood literacy and digital learning programs. We rely on gifts to extend the leverage of our taxpayer funding. That way, everyone in our community can join the movement towards lifelong learning without a cost barrier.

The Lifelong Learning Circle is a committed group of donors whose annual investment allows Flint Public Library to advance its mission. When you join the Lifelong Learning Circle, you will receive special information and updates on the Library’s impact.

We invite you to learn  more about the Lifelong Learning Circle, either through this brochure or through a personal conversation. If you are ready to make a donation, you can give a secure gift online or print and mail a donor form.

We would love to invite you on a tour and show you the impact our Library is having on the Flint community. Please contact our Director of Development, Ashoka Rao, to discuss your interests – or 810-249-2040.