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What’s Our Purpose?

Outdoor Portrait Of A Cute Young Black Little Girl Reading A BooYour Flint Public Library is a community jewel and respected institution. But there has to be more. We’ve asked ourselves: why do we exist?

Our mission is to be Flint’s go-to place for learning across the lifespan. That means every person, at any age, for any reason, can come here and gain new knowledge:

  • For work
  • For school
  • For entertainment

As we’ve thought about this mission, we have also pondered our service priorities, and what we can do best. Of course we’ll still have books, and we’ll still be the place for local genealogy and history. But we’re going to focus most of our investments on the following three priorities.

Inspire Creativity Through Digital Literacy

FPL will provide technology and media resources for people of all ages that encourage creativity, learning, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Support Family Literacy

FPL will provide programs, services and resources to create young readers from birth to age 5, and to help students in grades K-12 succeed in school. We will also help parents become literacy-savvy, equipping them to continue their own learning and to support their children’s learning at home.

Encourage Interaction in a Community Space

FPL will reorganize and renovate the building. This will create an inviting, energized environment that welcomes individuals and groups. It will also support the Library’s role as a valued civic space.

Want to know more about our plans for the future?  Download a copy of the Transformation Snapshot to read about what we’re doing and where we’re going.