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How To Download

You can download ebooks, audiobooks, music and magazines to your smartphone, tablet, computer or eReader. Overdrive, Zinio and Freegal have apps available for download, and Kindle books can be read with the Kindle app.

For brief help and advice, stop by the Information Desk at the Library with your device. If your questions are more extensive, ask about our ebook classes, or use the links below to get answers:

Quick links to download the apps:

Libby App

Overdrive for Kindle Fire


Freegal app for Android

Freegal app for iOs/Apple

RB Digital App for Android Devices

RB Digital App for Kindle Fire

RB Digital App for iOS devices

Overdrive – eBooks and Audiobooks

Overdrive’s help site will get you started on any device, from desktop Macs and PCs to Kindles and iPhones. Select the image that looks like this to get the correct sets of instructions.


RB Digital – Magazines

RB Digital allows you to download and read magazines on any device. If you have any trouble, you can find help here.

RB Digital Frequently Asked Questions

Freegal – Music

With Freegal and your library card you can download up to three songs a week and stream up to three hours of music a day. You can find help here for any device.