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Reading for Pleasure – Tips for Parents

Here are some tips and resources for parents that can help you raise kids who love to read and help them be successful in school.

Let them choose a book

Choosing your own book and reading for pleasure is very different from reading a book assigned in school. Children who may be reluctant readers in school often bloom as readers when they can choose library books.

Try books in other formats

If your child is a reluctant reader, come to the library for graphic novels, audiobooks, Book Packs (books plus audio in the same pack), and Launchpad learning tablets, or try reading ebooks on your family’s tablet or phone. There are many ways to engage a child for whom a big “chapter book” is daunting.

Read aloud as a family

A great way to get kids involved in reading is to read aloud as a family, even after kids are able to read by themselves. Sometimes, the exciting books that most interest your child are just beyond his or her current reading ability. Reading aloud lets them hear the stories and get motivated to read well so they can read these great books on their own.

Online Resources for Parents and Kids