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Games For Kids Ages 6 & Up

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network features animated games that include characters such as Scooby-Doo and Dexter.

Junie B. Jones

There are lots of fun things to do at this place! There's a mixed-up puzzle where you try to find words! And there's a Tic Tac Toad! And also, there are LOTS of activity pages!

Fun to Type

Play a variety of typing games to improve your keyboarding skills.

Typing Club

This site provides a touch typing tutorial to work on both placement of keys and speed.

Dragonball Z

Join Goku & Vegeta, Anime action figures, and other characters in their battle against evil.


Come and play with Barbie and her friends online.


Enter the FUNZONE here for exciting Pokemon online games.


Sub Hunt, Fruit Smash and more exciting games on this site.

American Girl

American Girls have lots of fun, so come and join them in their adventures.


Fun and games with Garfield and his family.


Create your own puzzle online or check out the exciting mazes.

Fun Brain

Fun games with math and other skills for kids.

I Spy

I Spy Puzzler, I Spy from Duck Pond, and many more I Spy games that will keep you searching.


Snoopy and his friend Woodstock invite you to come and play with them.


Create a Neopet of your own or play some animal games.


The girls with a passion for fashion.


Games, Puzzles, Arcade and more...

LemonySnicket Games

Play the games "Dismal Diversions" from this Series of Unfortunate Events!

Enchanted Learning

There are many games and links provided on this site that lead you to fun learning.