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Flint Voices Matter: Phase 2

storycorps (1)StoryCorps is a national nonprofit organization.  Their mission is to provide people of all backgrounds the opportunity to record, preserve and share the stories of their lives.  Tens of thousands of people have shared life stories with friends and family through StoryCorps since 2003.  It’s one of the largest oral history projects of its kind. 

The Flint Public Library received a grant to implement StoryCorps in 2015.  We received an extension in 2016 to continue our work about the community at large, and about the water crisis in particular.

Come tell your story!  Flint is full of remarkable people and important stories.  You can bring an interviewer, or we will provide someone to interview you.  Your story will be preserved in the Library of Congress, and you will receive a USB drive with your recording. 

The studio is open from April 1-September 16, 2016.  Please call (810) 249-2569 to learn more or to set up a recording time.