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stock-photo-60436740-handful-of-worry-dolls (1)Flint Public Library is home to the second largest open stack genealogical collection in Michigan.

This page provides information about how to use our collection, describes the contents of the collection, and leads to genealogy resources online.

How to Use Our Genealogy Collection:

If I visit the library, can I get help with my research?
The Flint Genealogical Society provides volunteers to assist patrons in their genealogical searches. Please call ahead to be sure a volunteer will be available to help you. Librarians are able to provide limited, general genealogical search assistance.

If I live too far to visit, what can your staff do to help? Is there a fee?
Due to staffing limitations, the Library does not do genealogical research. Check with the Flint Genealogical Society to see if they have members who may be willing to assist you. The Library does look up obituaries for a fee – see below.

How do I get a copy of an obituary?
Visit the library and our staff will help you look up and print your obituary. If you would like our staff to locate and print an obituary, there is a fee for this service. See below for a link to the Staff Research Request form.

Local Resources

About Flint Public Library’s Genealogy Collection

Obituary Request – Staff Research Request Form ($ Fee-Based)

Obituary Index 2000-2009

Obituary Index 2010-2019 A-L

Obituary Index 2010-2019 M-Z

Obituary Index 1930s

Online Resources