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Mapping the Novels of Christopher Paul Curtis


Christopher Paul Curtis

About the project

“Mapping the Novels of Christopher Paul Curtis” was a collaborative project between the Flint Public Library, who created, organized and developed the project; the University of Michigan-Flint, who supported and shared Christopher Paul Curtis’s participation during his time as the Winegarden Visiting Professor 2009-2010, and the Flint Community Schools’ classrooms from Holmes and Pierce-Sarvis schools. Each of the eight students read all six novels, had in-depth interviews with Mr. Curtis about his novels and writing, then researched mentions of Flint, MI from the novels using resources from the Library, and finally mapped out the sites on Google Maps™. Each pin highlights a quotation from one of Mr. Curtis’s novels or information about Mr. Curtis, and if possible, includes an image or other background information. We hope the maps will help explain the many actual references to Flint, MI in Mr. Curtis’ works and add to the overall reading experience. Thanks to all the teachers, parents and library staff for working with the students to make this project a fun site!

Students who worked on the project:

Derrald, Darelyn, Christian, Karletta, Hunter, Madison, Kenni, Jordan, Shawneea